Do Various Neurological Disorders Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?

It’s time to clear up the myths and misconceptions surrounding the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). We’re welcoming The National Benefit Authority (NBA) for a Guest Blog on this topic.

First of all, the Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit, meaning you can only use it to reduce the income tax you may have to pay. However, the DTC is also retroactive (up to 10 years), so you if it’s 2017 now, you can claim it back up to 2006.

This retroactive aspect of the DTC is the reason why some people may receive a substantial refund while others may receive little to nothing back – your DTC amount depends on the income tax you paid during the years you are claiming the DTC. But even if you can’t claim your Disability Tax Credit, many people don’t know that the DTC is transferrable to a family member who’s been supporting your basic necessities may be able to.

DTC Eligibility – What is a Disability?

DTC Eligibility is where it sometimes gets messy. Many people (doctors included) believe that the DTC requires someone to be “disabled” – but what’s a diagnosis for “disability” like? Think about it and you’ll realize, “yeah, there are some disabilities that aren’t immediately obvious (like some mental illnesses or Crohn’s disease”).

Don’t confuse what the Canada Revenue Agency’s Disability Tax Credit eligibility requirements are with an opinion for what a “disability” is. Most people are mistaken to confuse those ideas. To qualify for the DTC, you must have a severe and prolonged marked restriction or more than 2 significant restrictions to a basic activity of daily living (BADL).

It’s Not Always Straightforward

If the above definition doesn’t seem to apply to you, don’t feel bad – it’s not always straightforward for everyone. This definition basically means, to qualify for the DTC, someone must either unable to, or it takes them 3 times as long to person one or more of the BADL: dressing oneself, elimination, feeding oneself, walking, speech, mental functions necessary for everyday life; or if one requires life-sustaining therapy.

Not to oversimplify it, but that’s the Disability Tax Credit in a nutshell. Consider checking out the Disability Tax Credit yourself or for a family member – but try not to get caught up in asking “do I have an eligible disability”?

If you find yourself looking for more information, The National Benefit Authority has assisted over 40,000 Canadian families with the Disability Tax Credit and they’d be more than happy to answer your questions or sharing what they do.

The National Benefit Authority is Canada’s largest disability benefit service provider and has helped over 40,000 Canadians living with disabilities and their families successfully apply for and claim the Disability Tax Credit.  1-888-389-0080.

As always we welcome your feedback and your questions. You can connect with us by email or telephone or leave a comment right here on the site. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages and our YouTube Channel too and join in the conversation!

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– WIO Staff

Walk It Off at the 2017 Abilities Expo Toronto

Walk it off at the 2017 abilities expo toronto

As most of you know, Walk It Off (WIO) participated in the first annual Abilities Expo at the International Centre in Mississauga the weekend of Jan 20-22. The Abilities Expo is a great venue which brings together service and retail providers, the latest technology in adaptation and accessibility, and leisure information all under one roof.

The Expo is geared for individuals living with all types of disabilities – physical, cognitive and learning; and hearing and sight impairment.  In past years, the Expo has visited major American cities such as Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago and Houston. 2017 is the first year the Abilities Expo has come to Canada and we were ecstatic to be a part of it!

A Welcoming Experience

From the moment you arrived in the parking lot, you were welcomed with enthusiasm from the many volunteers looking to ensure you had the most enjoyable experience. Upon entering the International Centre, every attendee received a name badge and an Abilities Expo bag to collect all the new and exciting information.

Throughout the day, many entertaining and inviting events unfolded, such as wheelchair dance lessons, a pick-up wheelchair rugby game, Canada Guide Dog seminar…to name a few. The energy was upbeat and positive all day through, especially as Walk It Off networked with the many incredible businesses that participated in the first every event in Canada.

Integrating with the Accessible Community

The Abilities Expo was an incredible opportunity to become more integrated within the accessible community. We met many individuals and companies that are advocating for a more accessible world, and creating new, innovative opportunities. From sports equipment, athletic/leisure groups to adaptive vehicles and motorized wheelchair attachments, the Abilities Expo had something for everyone.

WIO Workshop Presenter

Attendees of the event were able to browse the different vendors, try and test products, ask questions and inquire about the businesses they were interested in.

Walk It Off had the pleasure of being a vendor, as well as a workshop presenter. Those who stopped by the Walk It Off booth were absorbed by our video that shows client accomplishments, and were interested in the method of which we deliver our therapy.

They found that working with the paralyzed areas of the body to be a different approach, yet a great idea to achieve neurological recovery (and so do we)! WIO had people interested who not only are living or affected by spinal cord injuries, but other neurological disorders as well.

As a workshop presenter, WIO had the opportunity to go more in depth about the program specifics that make WIO different and unique. Our founder, Heather, spoke on why there was such a need for this intensive therapy program here in Canada. She was personally touched by the positive impact it had on her husband when they were in the USA receiving this treatment and saw the great value of establishing a clinic that emphasized physical activity to promote neuro-recovery.

Celebrating Our Client’s Accomplishments

Throughout the workshop there was cheering and many smiles as we showcased our client’s accomplishments. Viewers at the end of the workshop expressed interest in coming to WIO to seeing firsthand how we train and interact with our clients.

Spreading the WIO Mission

A thank you to the professionals and public alike who provided feedback saying that a clinic like ours is needed within the rehabilitation world and what we are doing is making such a big difference to everyone.

All in all, Walk It Off was honoured to be part of the first ever Abilities Expo in 2017. We were inspired by the many services and avenues to create a more accessible world, with emphasis on independence and confidence. Our clients who attended the event shared in the positivity and cannot wait for next year’s 2018 Abilities Expo!

As always we welcome your feedback and your questions. You can connect with us by email or telephone or leave a comment right here on the site. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages and our YouTube Channel too and join in the conversation!

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– WIO Staff

A Huge Thank You to Magna International!


On behalf of Walk It Off, we would like to thank Manga International for its outstanding philanthropy.  The 2016 Magna Hoedown provided a magnificent weekend of music and fun for the community, and a fantastic fundraising platform for local charities and not-for-profit organizations on September 16th and 17th . Continue reading

The Lowdown on the Magna Hoedown


WHAT A WEEKEND! The Magna Hoedown was nothing short of a success! With Walk It Off Recovery as first time participants in the Hoedown, we were blown away by the event and thoroughly enjoyed being there as volunteers and as event-goers.

From the moment you stepped onto the Magna grounds you felt as if you were in the middle of the Wild, Wild West. The grounds were transformed for Hoedown with live cattle grazing outside the tent, corn stalks, hay bales and seasonal flowers accenting the event area, and event-goers sporting their finest plaid and cowboy accessories. Inside, guests enjoyed the mouth-watering Texan spiced buffet as the musicians showed off their talents and sparked the dancing and singing to commence.  The crowds were thrilled by the varied musical acts and (line) danced the night away! Continue reading

Walk It Off is a Proud Recipient of the 2016 Magna Hoedown

Walk it Off Fb ImageYEEHAW! Walk It Off is thrilled to announce that we are one of the fifteen organizations selected as a recipient for the 28th Annual Magna Hoedown! For those of you who are not familiar with the Magna Hoedown, it is the largest fundraiser in York Region. The Hoedown is a 2-day event, taking place on September 16th and 17th this year, showcasing musical talent, raffle and door prizes, dancing, dinner and beverages, and tons of entertainment. This year’s headliners are Alan Doyle (of Great Big Sea) on Friday, Sept.16 and Paul Brandt on Saturday, Sept 17. Continue reading

The 6th Annual 5k Run-Walk-&-Roll Event Was a Blast!

Walk it Off 2016-353
What a day! WHAT AN EVENT! Thank you and congratulations to all the participants of this year’s 5km Run, Walk and Roll! This was the 6th annual event hosted by Walk It Off, at Fairy Lake in Newmarket on May 28th and what a fun day it was!  Click here to see the full online photo album from the event. Continue reading

In Loving Memory of David Ralph “Dave” Dieno

David Dieno PageIn Loving Memory of David Ralph “Dave” Dieno

April 19, 1956-May 29, 2016

Funeral service is at Roadhouse and Rose on Main Street in Newmarket at 1:30 pm on Saturday followed by a Celebration of Life at the Holland Landing Community Centre from 3:00 pm to 6:00pm.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of Walk It Off’s loved members, Dave Dieno. On the morning of May 29th, Dave suffered a heart attack and tragically, did not survive. Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Walk It Off 5KM at Ferry Lake on May 28!

5K guy with capeThe 6th Annual 5 km Run-Walk-&-Roll for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery at Ferry Lake on May 28th in Newmarket is quickly approaching!

Sunday, May 28th is just around the corner and all of our clients at Walk It Off are training hard to get prepared for the main event.  We’re working on their strength and endurance to make sure they are ready for what awaits them on the course.  And so they have enough energy for the pancake breakfast and other fun activities we have lined up!

Remember, this 5K is Super Hero Themed, so make sure to bring your cape! Continue reading

6th Annual 5K Run-Walk-&-Roll Event May 28th at Ferry Lake

Finish Line

When: May 28, 2016
Where: Fairy Lake Park, Newmarket, ON

5K Registration
Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

With the official arrival of spring, and hopefully the beginning of warm and sunny weather, comes the start of outdoor running season.  Walk It Off is excited to announce that on Saturday May 28, 2016 we will be hosting our 6th Annual 5K Run-Walk-&-Roll event!

Whether you are looking to shed some pent up hibernation energy and walk with friends and family, run a personal best, or sponsor one of the clients of Walk It Off, our Run-Walk-&-Roll is the event for you!  Sign up here! Continue reading

Walk It Off Adds Registered Kinesiology to the List of Health Care Services Provided


Walk It Off is proud to announce that two of our SCI Recovery Trainers, Rebecca and Taylor, are officially Registered Kinesiologists!

In September, both trainers wrote their entry-to-practice exam with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (COKO). We are very pleased to announce that after enduring a painful wait period, both Rebecca and Taylor were informed they passed the exam and we are happy to add Registered Kinesiology (R.Kin) to the list of health care professions we can offer at Walk It Off along with Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy and Personal Training.

You’re probably thinking, “What exactly is a Kinesiologist and what can they do for me?” Well, you were not the only one thinking that so we decided to explain it with a blog! Continue reading