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Bring Back the Game with Todd Keirstead – May 5th

Friday, May 5th, 11am-2pm, at the Bradford Highlands Golf Club

Walk It Off is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Todd Keirstead to offer an adapted golfing demonstration! The golf demonstration will take place on Friday May 5th at the Bradford Highlands Golf Club. Todd will work with three groups of participants on the driving range; all ability levels welcome, for an hour each.

During your hour of instruction, Todd will show you how to modify your golf game from your wheelchair or other assistive device. You can work on your swing and other components based upon your unique ability level. The cost is $20 which includes a lunch. Session available at 11am, 12pm or 1pm.

Golf from your wheelchair or other assistive device. Book your 1 hour session

Walk It Off met Todd at the 2017 Toronto Abilities Expo in January. From there, we learned about Todd’s passion to make golf accessible to individuals of all disability levels and types. Bring Back the Game is a program founded by Todd to promote and empower individuals living with disability to get out and enjoy the game of golf. Bring Back the Game has paired with golfers with assistive devices such as wheelchair, prosthetics, Downs Syndrome, the seeing impaired and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Todd has since learned how to perform and teach golf shots from varying physical situations, some of which simulate physical disabilities. Todd has now acquired the skills to swing from a wheelchair, using his prosthetic limb, blindfolded, and with the use of only certain limbs.

Over the years, Todd has raised millions of dollars for charities performing Instructional Entertainment Demonstrations at golf tournaments all over the world. Todd has had the opportunity to complete demonstrations with celebrities and individuals of all abilities from those with paralysis, amputees, stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis – just to name a few! We are so excited to offer individuals living with all types of disabilities the opportunity to join us on May 5th for our own demonstration with Todd Keirstead!

Download the “Bring Back the Game” Flyer

Please contact us at Walk It Off to reserve your spot (11am, 12pm, or 1pm) and be part of this fantastic opportunity.

If you are looking for more information about Bring Back the Game or Todd Keirstead and his programs, please click here.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the range on May 5!

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Thanks again!

– WIO Staff

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