Kevin Mills - Walk it Off RecoveryKevin Mills – C4 ASIA A Complete (original diagnosis)

Hello, my name is Kevin Mills. In February of 2009 at the age of 28 I sustained a spinal cord injury while attending my sister’s wedding in Cuba. I was swimming in the ocean when a large wave picked me up and drove me head first into the sand.

I was initially diagnosed a C4 Asia A complete injury (quadriplegic) and was told that I would need to steer my wheelchair with my head.

Prior to my accident I worked as an Advanced Care Paramedic, and I was an avid rock climber and runner. In November of 2009, I started the Project Walk exercise based recovery program. I made amazing gains including an increase in core balance and strength, increased arm function, and more independence. I am now able to push my own wheelchair with power assist wheels. I have completed 4 half marathons since my accident. I take my 5 year old son to the park every chance I get.

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