Our Program

Would you like to become a client? Please click here to access the Client Intake Form. Please download, complete the form and return by mail or email it to heather@walkitoffrecovery.org.

The WALK IT OFF program targets the entire body:

SCI Recovery and Physiotherapy

The focus is on stimulating response in the non-functioning w3 areas of the body through core strengthening and repetitive, load bearing exercise. You will be out of your chair for the entire session while our Trainers assist you in exercise that moves your body through all planes.

Health Maintenance

Our program will assist you in maintaining muscle mass and bone density to provide the physical foundation to compliment other therapy programs and to coincide with future medical advances.

Massage Therapy Clinic

We are pleased to have a massage therapy clinic right here on site at the Centre. For more details on their hours of operation, please contact them or click on the link below.

Muscle Works Massage Therapy

Phone (905) 853-3336
Fax: (905) 853-5552