4th Annual 5K Run-Walk-&-Roll for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

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Walk If Off will be holding our 4th Annual 5K Run-Walk-&-Roll for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery on Saturday, May 31, 2014 in Newmarket, Ontario. This is a chip-timed event for all who want to race. Walkers and Rollers can come out and get some exercise for a good cause (strollers and leashed pets are welcome). Walk It Off asks for pledge collection from our participants to help our cause but we also offer the option for participants to collect pledges for specific Walk It off clients. One hundred percent of Pledge collections for Walk It Off clients go directly on credit to that individual’s account at Walk It Off.

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To register as a participant for the 5K event, please click here.

To pledge a Walk It Off wheelchair participant, please click here.

Kevin and I know how expensive it is to live with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Kevin’s accident happened in the water while we were on vacation in Cuba and we found it impossible to sue the Atlantic Ocean and let me tell you that we did try (or looked at other options anyway). Unfortunately, government funding and private health insurance companies do not cover many of the medical and health maintenance expenses. As a result, many with SCIs have to pay out of pocket for the remainder of their lives.

The amount of both financial and emotional support offered by family and friends can be tremendous that first year after a Spinal Cord Injury, but tends to dwindle as time goes by as people get caught up in their own lives. Even though people still want to help, many do not know how to approach that individual and in turn, the person with the SCI feels that they have exhausted everyone’s good will and so stops asking for help. (Sound familiar?)

Walk It Off Spinal Cord Wellness Centre continues to help our SCI Clients by offering options to financially support Recovery and Wellness programs, like the 5km Run-Walk-&-Roll event.

Though Walk It Off Spinal Cord Wellness Centre offers a fee for service programs, we have attempted to make it as affordable as possible by fundraising for our specialized equipment. As part of our efforts, we help our clients fundraise for their programs here at Walk It Off by giving each client their own page on our website. You will find it under Meet Our Clients. Each page offers the supporter the ability to directly contribute to an individual’s recovery program at the click of a button. Gift certificates can also be purchased.

We hope to see you out at the event. Your generosity is much appreciated and you should be proud to be a part of Spinal Cord Injury Recovery.

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