December Donations Discount Member Training/Therapy Fees at WIO

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The holiday season is one for caring, sharing, and being with loved ones. For those of you struggling to find the perfect gift this holiday season, consider giving back and donate to Walk It Off Spinal Cord Recovery and Wellness Centre. For the month of December, all donations received will go directly towards discounting members’ training and therapy fees. 

Throughout the rest of the year, we put all of the donations received right back into the facility to help purchase new equipment to assist in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) recovery. This helps to subsidize the costs for individuals with spinal cord injuries who participate in SCI Recovery Training and Physiotherapy here.

To donate, please click here. If you have a specific Walk It Off member that you would like to expressly donate to, please visit our ‘Meet the Clients’ tab. Each member with a personal page will have a link to make an online donation that will go directly towards crediting that member’s training and therapy fees. If the individual you would like to help does not appear in this section, please contact us to make that donation. Additionally, you have the option to purchase gift certificates, which the WIO member can then apply to their therapy sessions. Please contact us directly if you wish to purchase one.

At Walk It Off we focus on stimulating the parts of the body affected by the individual’s injury. Walk It Off is unique in the sense that we focus on getting clients out of their wheelchairs and working on the areas below their level of injury, which may be affected by loss of sensation and paralysis. Please help us continue to help others on their journey of healing and healthy living!

We wish everyone a safe, happy holiday season. Please give back and give the gift of health to those living with a SCI.


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