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Here at the Walk It Off Spinal Cord Recovery and Wellness Centre, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to challenge our clients. We have recently taken the plunge and invested in a number of new assistive devices and exercise equipment to get those of you with SCIs moving. Most notably, the New Liftwalker  is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to get people in wheelchairs up on their feet and walking. The most exciting feature of this device is its safe and convenient ability to lift individuals directly from their wheelchair – no transfers required.

Like us, Charlie Guitierrez, the designer of the New Liftwalker, believes that individuals in wheelchairs might be able to learn to stand, take steps, or perhaps walk again if they are provided with the appropriate tools to do so. This device will provide another alternative to our already available standing options, allowing clients to weight bear and retrain motor pathways with the hopes of one day being able to walk again.

The New Liftwalker also provides our clients the ability to stand for an extended period of time. This is an important, particularly in SCI, for maintenance of bone density in lower extremities, increased circulation, improved blood pressure, as well as an increased energy and cognitive function.

The New Liftwalker has multiple points of contact to ensure safety and support for the client. This includes adjustable and customizable features such as:

  • Thigh prompts (support straps)
  • Thoracic prompt for increased posture
  • Upper body support
  • Pelvic position straps,
  • Anti-hyper-extension straps for knees

and many more. Because of these multiple prompts, the New LiftWalker ensures the most efficient rehabilitation by isolating the proper muscles for standing and walking.

Need more information? You can connect with us via email or telephone or leave a comment right here on the site. We also welcome you to drop by the Centre to see this and other great pieces of equipment we have available to our clients.

Until next time,

Matt, SCI Recovery Trainer

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